Recommended Freelance Business Tools

Freelancing is a tough way to make your living, but also an incredibly rewarding one. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for some time, there are some invaluable and must-have tools for freelancers that you have to make part of your workflow.

The Flyer Room is a relatively new business, and we are learning lessons every single day. We have a lot of experience of working within a freelance environment, and in building our new business, we have used some tools that are simply invaluable to our business development.

We wanted to share these recommended freelance business tools with you.

Web Hosting with SiteGround


We did a lot of research when it came to trying to find web hosting that would work for us. Having spoken to a lot of other freelances, we came upon SiteGround. Founded all the way back in 2004, web hosting is what SiteGround does, and they pride themselves on it being their craft.

Offering some great packages at cheap and competitive prices, SiteGround also uses the latest technologies to ensure their platform is both fast and secure. They also have technical support that has helped ourselves, and many other freelancers out. Look them up, the reviews do not lie.

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Accounting with Waveapps


When it comes to running any sort of business or freelance operation, having your accounts organised and saved securely is a huge challenge. We tried several accounting tools but could not believe how versatile Waveapps was once up and running. Incredibly, Wave’s account tools are totally free of charge and are secure and accountant-approved. There are no invoice limits either, vital for any prolific freelancer!


Use Buffer for Social Marketing


Being a freelancer or self-employed has a great reliance on being visible in the digital marketplace. A key tool in this is digital and social marketing. This is where Buffer came in for us. Buffer is a great tool for driving traffic and increasing fan engagement, all the while saving you time. The best thing? You can use it for free as an individual – perfect for freelancers!

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Measure productivity with TopTracker from Toptal


As a freelancer, time management is absolutely key. Failure to properly track your time can skew your profits and mean your pricing is inaccurate. Toptal’s tracker tool, aptly named TopTracker, allowing you to track time spent on any project from any device. It will produce productivity reports for you, and also allow you to create timed screenshots, as well as taking care of privacy. Oh, and best of all, this is free as well.

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Use WordPress, and grab a great theme from MyThemeShop


While our flyers are perfect to assist in your offline marketing activity, your digital storefront needs to look great too. We recommend using WordPress to build your website on as it’s the most popular content management system in the world, bar none, and is free. You’ll need a great theme to go on it, and offers an amazing range of versatile themes and boasts more than 350,000 satisfied customers!

With a single subscription you can have access to all themes and plugins mythemeshop offering, or simply choose a single theme. With top rated support you are in good hands 27/7. We highly recommend to check them out. This could be the best decision you ever made regarding your website.


Take the hassle out of web management


Once you have your amazing new WordPress website, you will no doubt find yourself struggling to have the time to properly manage it. If you have several websites, this soon becomes totally unmanageable. is a service that helps combat this by putting all of your WordPress websites behind one simple login, organising updates more efficiently, providing cloud backups of each site and even offering a hassle free cloning option should you need to quickly produce another version!

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We hope this short review of recommended freelance business tools will help you with your future freelancing. We are not suggesting in any way that all these tools are the best out there. However, from our own experience, we can guarantee that all of them work perfectly.

Back to you now. Tell us what you think. Share tools you use. We like to hear your feedback.

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