We at Flyer Room currently aim to introduce a hub of original ideas for designers, We offer professional and quality flyer and poster designs templates at an affordable price, and also take pride in creating designs that appeal to the target audience.

The Flyer Room Templates

Our flyer templates are easy to use, designed to high standards and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4+ and above. Some of the templates may include Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator Version. In some cases, there will be outlined text or render object you won’t be able to edit. Usually, this is 3D objects and text effect. Please read the details description for each template before you decide to place order and download.

We are offering free custom support and response time not longer than 12 hours after you contact us. However, If you really need us urgent we advise yo get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

FlyerRoom it’s easy organized marketplace. You can find anything quick just by using our search bar or browse our Mega Menu with all subcategories. After finding the template you like there are 2 choices. You can add to your basket or save to your favorite for later. Many other stores offering subscription or bundles to help you save money. We don’t have plans for now to introduce subscription option but we have something more exciting. We are giving you the freedom to build your own bundles, choosing templates you want. And this, not everything. You are saving some great money by building and purchasing your own bundles.

Check bellow how simple is to get the flyers you like and save up to 50% of your final payment.

Bundle Offer

Flyer Room offer 3 different bundle packages. You have the choice between 2 items bundle, 3 items bundle and 4 items bundle.

To take advantage of this bundle offers you need to purchase 2, 3 or 4 templates.*

  • 2 Items Bundle: When you purchase 2 templates, please use coupon BUNDLE10 to receive 10% off. Apply this coupon either when you visit your shopping cart or checkout details.
  • 3 Items Bundle: When you purchase 3 templates, please use coupon BUNDLE30 to receive 30% off. Apply this coupon either when you visit your shopping cart or checkout details.
  • 4 Items Bundle: When you purchase 4 templates, please use coupon BUNDLE50 to receive 50% off. Apply this coupon either when you visit your shopping cart or checkout details.

* Bundle discount coupons won’t work if you decide to use them against 1 item only or any other number.

  • NOTE: These coupons are unlimited as far you order the correct amount of templates. However to use the coupons you need to sign in to Flyer Room and have your account setup. If you need a special bundle build or any other requirement, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Get in touch if you have any other questions, need support with an item or simply want to say ‘Hi’.

Thanks for being awesome,

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P.S. Don’t forget to check our Freebies. We are uploading regular free templates, and what better way to test our quality designed templates.